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Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.


Are you seeking to serve the world in a way that fulfills your true purpose? Do you want to be an agent of change for yourself and your world? Are you ready to answer the call? We are at a...

The Buddha Tarot

Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.


The ancient philosophers and alchemists taught that the highest wisdom is to see the patterns that are timeless. This is what happened to Siddhartha as he sat under the Bodhi Tree—he saw the pattern of all his incarnations like a...

Balancing Act

Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.


Health is personal energy. And more personal energy means more options for joyful living! This insightful concept is the life-changing basis for the mind, body, spirit program, Balancing Act. Learn to harness mind actions, which include attitudes, feelings, and perceptions, as...

Tarot of the Enchanted Soul

Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.


There are those who believe in the magic of the Soul. Now there is a tool to access that magic and hear the whispers of your inner spirit. Let the photocollaged images with their blue, green, and orange colors set...

An Illuminated Guide to Wicca

Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.


Have you always wanted to learn more about Wicca but didn’t know where to start? Start learning today with this beautiful, amply illustrated book that almost comes alive with images in an illuminated manuscript style and touches on topics including...

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