Joanne Brocas is a Bestselling and #1 award winning author, intuitive, and healer who has spent the past twenty-plus years helping people transform the energy of their lives, their health, and their homes to restore their joy. She began her career as an intuitive healer working for the nationally renowned TV psychic, Diane Lazarus, where Joanne helped hundreds of people to overcome a variety of energetic issues and gave them expert intuitive guidance to help themselves heal before deciding to start a healing practice of her own. After attending the London College of Psychic Studies and through developing her skills further, in 2009, Joanne became the nominated finalist for Best Female Psychic Medium in the British Spiritual Connections Awards. Joanne is also a teacher-provider for awarding continuing education credits for nurses and massages therapists, giving them a foundation and understanding of energy clearing. Joanne is the director of energy healing education for the non-profit American Society of Psychical Investigation. Joanne's clearing and healing work has been endorsed by expert medical professionals and New York Times Bestselling Authors, such as: Larry Dossey, MD. Christiane Northrup, MD. And Norman C. Shealy, MD. Joanne's bestselling healing book, The Power of Angel Medicine, was recommended by MBM book reviewers to be included in all libraries, nationally, across America, as a form of offering metaphysical study in healing and energy work. Joanne's books have also appeared in Publishers Weekly and many other online publications. Based in North Carolina, Joanne travels to speak and to teach her Clear Spirit (clearing/healing/manifesting) workshops throughout: USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand. To find out more visit:

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