Katy Endruschat Goebel is a university-graduate historian who has specialized in vintage attire and fashion since her teenage years. In the 1990s, she actively started collecting and historically researching clothing, shoes and accessories from the 1930s-40s era. Spurred by an interest in the achievements of World War II American servicewomen and the appeal of their military uniforms, her research was extended to encompass the personal uniform collection shown in the Women for Victory book series. Katy Endruschat Goebel lives with her husband and son in Wuppertal, Germany. She manages several internationally-recognized online sites devoted to World War II and postwar history, and can be contacted through her Blitzkrieg Baby (www.blitzkriegbaby.de), Living History Group (www.lg3949.de) or Swingstyle (www.swingstyle) sites.

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