Christie Palmer Lowrance has worked as a freelance writer for more than thirty years. She also taught writing at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and Cape Cod Community College. She lives in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Nature Ambassador:  The Legacy Of Thornton W. Burgess, by Christie Lowrance is a book rich in information on a man who rose from humble beginnings to become one of the most beloved children authors of his day.  In addition, as Ms. Lowrance so forcefully articulates, Burgess, who had just a high school education plus one year of business school, also became one of the most respected pioneer naturalists, conservationists and environmentalists of the 20th Century. Nature Ambassador was so carefully and thoroughly researched that the author reveals facts about this remarkable man that even the Thornton W. Burgess Society was unaware of.  This book is a must read for all lovers of nature as well as those who for decades were and continue to be entertained and informed by the writing of this marvelous storyteller. Gene A. Schott, executive director, Thornton W. Burgess Society

Lowrance has captured the generous spirit, curious mind and loving heart of a children author whose simple message of respect and concern for wildlife reached across the country and over the seas. I can speak of the years of research, countless interviews and editing struggles this author went through to be absolutely certain she was capturing the character of the man and his impact on not only children literature but on the history of wildlife conservation and habitat preservation in our country. Much of this he accomplished by engaging children through rooted-in-fact, well crafted fictional literature. It is time to recognize this man who left us such an amazing legacy. Ken Burns here is inspiration for a new project Mary Beers, head naturalist and education director, Thornton W. Burgess Society

Be assured when you hold this book in your hand, you have in your possession a true treasure! Thornton Burgess entertained children with his delightful books for over 100 years while promoting and lecturing on wildlife and conservation. The author takes the reader on a journey about Thorton Burgess with the use of extensive research and marvelous photos and illustrations. Having heard many of the original stories, shared them with my daughters, and now, grandchildren, I am thrilled to know the background of this amazing man. Nature Ambassador: The Legacy of Thorton W.Burgess is a book that should be in all libraries and personal collections. Interest in this book will certainly span the decades. Kathryn Handley, author, National League of American Pen Women do not believe there is another book about this remarkable man that is as carefully researched and rich in detail. It is my hope that through this book a whole new audience for his timeless stories will emerge and that a broader acceptance of his legacy and place in the pantheon of environmental leaders will be solidified. Chuck Roth, former education director, Massachusetts Audubon Society

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